Whether agricultural, industrial or OTR, BKT tires are designed to make each machine work most efficiently, regardless of the ground and conditions.

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The BKT brand is a worldwide known leader in the production of tires for various sectors. Their offer is interesting for several reasons. First, BKT has many years of experience, which has allowed them to perfect their products to meet customer requirements. Second, they offer a wide range of tires, from agricultural and industrial to off-road and mountain tires. Third, BKT invests in innovation, incorporating advanced technologies and materials into the production of their tires, resulting in performance and durability.

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Why should you choose BKT?

Most customers choose this brand for many reasons. Their tires stand out for their excellent quality, durability and performance, which translates into savings and trouble-free operation.

  • Wide range of products

    The wide range of products includes agricultural tires, industrial tires, off-road tires and more, which meet a variety of customer needs.

  • Reliability and competitive prices

    The brand's reliability and professionalism have won the trust of customers around the world, moreover, competitive prices make choosing BKT a very thoughtful investment.

  • Innovation

    BKT invests in innovation, using state-of-the-art technologies and materials to provide advanced solutions for demanding applications.

Remember to choose the right tires to match the machine and the specific type of ground

It is extremely important to get the maximum efficiency of your machines. We provide a wide selection of tires from each category as well as professional service from our specialists.

Tire applications

Choose the right tires for your application whether agricultural, industrial, OTR. Check out the wide range of possibilities.

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