An innovative manufacturer of agricultural machinery with a wide range of products, providing reliable solutions and comprehensive support for efficient agriculture.

Why should you choose AGRO-MASZ?

When you choose the Agro-masz brand, you are assured of high quality, reliability and innovation. The brand's products are reliable, effective and versatile, meeting a variety of agricultural needs. Agro-masz is a guarantee of professionalism and commitment to providing the best solutions for farmers and growers.

  • Innovation

    Machines of robust construction that provide long-lasting performance and minimal breakdowns.

  • Versatility

    A wide range of agricultural machinery, providing solutions for various fields of crop cultivation and animal husbandry.

  • Reliability

    Solid design. Durable and reliable, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal failures.


Specialists in manufacturing and supplying high-quality agricultural aggregates. Their aggregates are versatile and designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers. They are an effective tool for soil preparation, seeding, inter-row cultivation, as well as mowing and mulching.


A respected manufacturer of top-quality agricultural harrows, characterized by reliability and efficiency in a variety of applications. The range includes an extensive selection of harrows for a wide range of tasks, such as soil preparation, weeding, shredding and mixing crop residues.


Agro-Masz subsoilers are designed to efficiently carry out deep tillage operations, which are used for a variety of tasks. They provide even and precise penetration into the soil, which promotes soil loosening and improves plant growth conditions. Thanks to their robust construction, the subsoilers are durable and resistant to intensive use.


Ploughs that are reliable and effective in a wide variety of soil conditions. They offer a wide range of models, allowing customization to meet the individual needs and preferences of the farmer. The robust design of Agro-Masz plows ensures their durability and strength, enabling efficient and precise plowing of the field.

Fertiliser spreaders

Agro-Masz is a major manufacturer of agricultural spreaders with a reputation in the industry for quality and reliability. Spreaders are an effective tool for precise spreading of fertilizers, seeds and other materials. Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions, Agro-Masz spreaders enable even distribution of materials on the field.


High-quality agricultural seeders. Known for their reliability and precision in spreading seeds, providing optimal conditions for crop growth. Agro-Masz's wide range of seeders allows customization for different crops and individual farmers' needs.


Agro-Masz is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality agricultural rollers that are used in a variety of field work. Agro-Masz rollers are durable and effective in compacting and loosening the soil, as well as in evenly distributing crop residues. The company offers different types of rollers, allowing farmers to match the specifics of their fields.