Akpil is a brand known for its innovation that provides efficiency in agriculture. Their advanced machines are designed to help farmers.

Why should you choose Akpil?

When you choose the Akpil brand, you not only get high-quality agricultural machinery, but also the confidence that you are investing in reliability and precision. Akpil offers innovative solutions, robust construction and easy operation. This allows you to manage your farm efficiently and achieve excellent results.

  • Innovation

    Representative of innovation in agriculture. We focus on modern technologies and solutions

  • Reliability

    Machines that are sturdy, durable and ready for operation.

  • Precision

    Accurate and even execution of each agricultural task.


Reliable soil tillage machines. Their robust construction and precise operation ensure perfect field preparation for seeding. Available in various sizes and configurations. An ideal choice for farmers who value efficiency and quality.


Invaluable tools for soil cultivation. Equipped with sturdy blades and heavy-duty components, they ensure effective crumbling and mixing of soil, creating optimal conditions for plant growth. Akpil harrows are a reliable solution for farmers seeking to maximize yields.


Indispensable tools for deep soil cultivation. Thanks to their robust construction and precise operation, they penetrate the soil, improve its structure and facilitate permeability. Offered in a variety of sizes, Akpil subsoilers are the ideal choice for farmers who strive to make the most of their field's potential.


A wide selection of plows that are reliable and effective in soil plowing work. Perfectly adapted to different soil types and terrain conditions. Each is characterized by robust construction and precision workmanship, ensuring accurate and even plowing.

Fertiliser spreaders

Akpil specializes in manufacturing robust fertilizer and seed spreaders. They ensure even distribution of materials in the field, as each is designed to achieve high spreading accuracy and optimal distribution of fertilizer or seed.


Precise in spreading seeds in the field. They ensure even distribution of seeds, which contributes to uniform crop emergence and maximum yields. We have different types of seeders, allowing you to adapt the machine to different crop species and growing conditions.


High quality diggers. Effective in digging and digging through the soil. They have sturdy blades and working parts that effectively penetrate the soil and remove tuberous plants, making it easier to dig up potatoes, vegetables and other tuberous plants.


Mowers that are extremely effective in lawn care. They provide precise and even grass cutting, creating beautiful results. They are easy to use, equipped with efficient grass collection systems and have ergonomic handles.


When you choose Akpil sprayers, you are assured not only of high quality, but also of precise and even distribution of crop protection products. You can completely rely on Akpil sprayers, which are designed to provide effective control and protection of your plants.


Akpil wrappers have advanced mechanisms to wrap bales conveniently and efficiently, protecting them from moisture. Various models are available to suit your needs. Robust construction, durable components and simple operation ensure the reliability and long-term performance of the machines.


Akpil tedders are high-quality machines designed to distribute feed materials evenly. They will allow you to efficiently prepare high-quality feed, providing optimal digestibility for animals. Akpil tedders are indispensable for farmers and ranchers who strive for efficiency in animal nutrition.


Machines created for precision planting. They are efficient and easy to use, perfect for farmers and gardeners. The planters guarantee even distribution of seedlings in the soil. Precise mechanisms control planting depth and spacing, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions.