• Pneumatic seeding system "DRILL ONE"

  • Turbine driven by a hydraulic motor

  • Continuously variable transmission

  • Universal single-drum seeding apparatus

  • Self-cleaning double-coulter convex Ø 300mm

  • Coulter pressure adjustment max. 40 kg/coulter

TORNADO DRILL aggregate by Akpil

The basic version of Akpil's Tornado Drill unit includes a number of modern and functional features. This version includes a 1000 L tank, tarpaulin with rack, tank screen, tank inspection window, tank dump and tank agitator. The unit also has a "DRILL ONE" pneumatic seeding system, a turbine driven by a hydraulic motor (flow rate of 40l/min), a flow regulator for the turbine feed oil, and a continuously variable transmission (seeding range of 1-500kg/ha). The basic version also includes a universal single-drum seeding apparatus for all seed sizes, a self-cleaning Ø 300mm convex double-disc coulter - with pressure adjustment max. 40 kg/coulter, and FLEX 250×60 mm catch-up wheels.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Working width (m)
    Weight (kg)
    Power demand (hp/kW)
  • Standard equipment
    1000 L tank
    "DRILL ONE" pneumatic seeding system
    turbine driven by a hydraulic motor (flow 40l/min)
    turbine feed oil flow regulator
    continuously variable transmission (seeding range 1-500kg/ha)
    universal single-tooth sowing apparatus for all seed sizes
    FLEX 250×60 mm press wheels
    seeding spacing of 12.5 cm,
    hitch pins CAT. II and III
    330 bar twin flange hydraulic lines
    articulated shaft with clutch "CATTELONI CARDANO"
  • Optional equipment
    Additional alignment bar
    LED lighting (rear)
    Warning board
    Seeder attachment to increase capacity by 500 dm3
    Electric process paths (grain return to tank)
    6 Hydraulic markers with metering device (2 actuators) (additional 1 pair of hydraulic outputs required)
    Scraper finger with handle or Pendulum scraper finger with handle
    Pre-emergence paths (additional 1 pair of hydraulic exits required)
    Electric remote control for controlling hydraulics from the tractor cab (solenoid valves) reducing the required hydraulic outputs
    Speed measurement system "GPS"-electronic in exchange for a GPS copying wheel
    Multifunction computer
    Distributor cover for seeding every second row ( seeding spacing 25cm)
    Manifold cover for seeding with half of the seeder
    Compaction wheel scarifiers

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