BISON XL harrow

  • Maintenance-free bearing with cartridge seal.

  • Hydraulic depth adjustment on the shaft.

  • Mechanical working depth memory.

  • Hydraulically foldable for transport.

  • Hydraulic and mechanical shaft locking in transport.

  • Rubber protection for each 40×210 mm plate.

BISON XL disc harrow

Akpil's BISON XL harrow is a modern tillage tool that provides high quality and efficient work. In its basic version, it is equipped with 610×5 mm type II toothed discs, manufactured by AKPIL. The spacing between the rows of discs is 100 cm, and the transverse pitch of the discs is 25 cm. The harrow has mechanical adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs and mechanical adjustment of the disc rollers relative to each other. Each disc is rubber-protected with a size of 40×210 mm, and the bearing is maintenance-free with a cassette seal. The harrow also has hydraulic depth adjustment on the shaft and mechanical working depth memory.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Working width [m]:
    Disc size [mm]:
    Number of plates:
    Distance between rows of plates [cm]:
    Power demand [hp/kW]:
  • Standard equipment
    toothed disc ø 610×5 mm type II
    spacing between rows of discs 100 cm
    transverse scale of plates 25 cm
    mechanical adjustment of the angle of attack of the PATENT discs
    mechanical adjustment of disc rollers in relation to each other
    rubber protection of each plate 40×210 mm
    maintenance-free bearing with cartridge seal
    hydraulic depth adjustment on the shaft
    mechanical working depth memory
    hydraulically foldable for transport
    hydraulic and mechanical shaft locking in transport
    longitudinal stiffening of the carriers (5.5m) and (6.0m)
    hitch pins CAT. III
    transport width 2.5 m
    hydraulic cylinder accumulators
    LED lighting - at the back
    hydraulically lifted transport wheels 500/50-17- tire width 50cm
    dual-circuit air brakes
  • Optional equipment
    Plate scraper
    Metal bearing covers
    Polyurethane shock absorber - plate protection
    Skids with frame for spring shaft
    Spring shaft skid cap
    Skids and scrapers of the roof-shaft
    Reinforced scraper for sodden soils of segmented shafts
    Rubber shaft scrapers
    Front levelling bar with hydraulic adjustment
    Knife shaft ø 300mm with cushioning and hydraulic adjustment
    Rear chassis + drawbar + air brakes (additional 1 pair of hydraulic outlets required)
    Inward-folding chassis + drawbar + air brakes (additional 1 pair of hydraulic outlets required)
    Chassis inside + drawbar + air brakes (additional 1 pair of hydraulic outlets required)
    Wider wheelbase
    Hydraulic brakes
    Screen of spring scrapers between disc roller and seasoning roller
    Drawbar adjustable with turnbuckle
    Hydraulically adjustable drawbar
    Crop seeder "POPLON" with handle
    Wedges with wheel holders
    Wheel fenders
    Tractor wheel scarifiers
    Universal holder for poplonia seeders with platform and ladder

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