Advanced technology that is revolutionizing the market. Machines that are powerful, reliable and adapted to the challenges of modern agriculture.

Why should you choose Case IH?

Choose Case IH and discover the power of innovation in agriculture. With advanced technology, reliability and performance, Case IH machines deliver optimal results, time savings and increased efficiency. Prepare for the future of agriculture and choose the brand that redefines standards.

  • Reliability

    Reputation for robust agricultural machinery that is reliable and durable.

  • High performance

    With Case IH, you can achieve higher productivity in your farming operation.

  • Professionalism

    A brand that has been trusted by farmers around the world for years, offering comprehensive solutions and support for success.


Reliable, versatile and efficient agricultural machinery. Known for their excellent quality and sturdy construction, they provide reliability for daily work in the field. Thanks to advanced technologies and innovative solutions, Case IH tractors offer operating convenience regardless of farm size and crop type.


Case IH combines are a guarantee of reliability and efficiency during harvesting. Using the latest harvesting and cleaning technologies, they enable efficient harvesting with minimal losses. Thanks to intelligent control and monitoring systems, Case IH combines achieve optimal results, ensuring maximum productivity and minimizing losses.


Case IH headers are designed to not only meet today's faster speeds in the field, tougher growing conditions and changing cultivation practices, but also to meet tomorrow's challenges. They are the ideal tool for changing harvesting conditions, starting in the early morning and ending in the dark of night.

Telescopic Loaders

Case IH brand telescopic loaders are professional machines that provide efficient movement of various types of materials. Thanks to their robust construction and heavy-duty components, they are reliable in all conditions. Intuitive controls and a variety of attachment options make the loaders highly versatile and suitable for different tasks.


Advanced hay harvesting and processing machines. With high baling capacity and quality, they enable efficient bale forming and bundling. Innovative technological solutions ensure optimum utilization of forage. Case IH balers are reliable tools that save time and costs.

Front loaders

Multi-purpose equipment that allows quick and efficient loading and transportation of various materials. With heavy-duty engines and sturdy structures, they act as reliable helpers in daily work on the farm. They are indispensable tools that speed up logistical processes on the farm.

Precision farming

Precision farming

Check out our range of advanced precision farming systems. Case IH products are innovative solutions that allow farmers to fully control the agricultural production cycle. They make it possible to maintain full repeatability with an accuracy of up to 2.5 cm, reduce overlapping passes and optimize productivity. You'll also find the right mentor to help you choose the right equipment.

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