Krukowiak is a renowned manufacturer offering comprehensive agricultural solutions. Tractors, seeding machines and harvesting equipment provide reliability, precision and efficiency, enabling farmers to achieve the best results.

Why is it worth choosing Krukowiak?

It is worth choosing the Krukowiak brand because of its long experience and reputation in the agricultural market. Agricultural tools are characterized by reliability, reliability and innovation, ensuring efficiency and high quality work.

  • Reliability

    Solid and durable agricultural machinery.

  • Reliability

    Agricultural tools that guarantee trouble-free work in any field.

  • Innovation

    Innovative solutions for modern agriculture.


The ideal combination of efficiency and versatility in field cultivation. A complete solution for professional soil preparation before seeding. Equipped with advanced technologies, they ensure even soil breaking and precise mixing of fertilizers. Achieve the highest results with Krukowiak aggregates.


These harrows guarantee reliability and efficiency in field cultivation. They are an indispensable part of professional agricultural work. They ensure even crumbling of soil clods, effective removal of weeds and improvement of soil structure. With Krukowiak harrows you are assured of perfect field preparation for sowing.



Achieve perfect soil preparation for sowing! Durable and effective subsoilers that allow you to remove plant residues, loosen the soil and improve its structure. Krukowiak subsoilers will provide the best growing conditions for your crops, guaranteeing high quality and efficiency.


Increase the efficiency of your gardening work! Robust construction, easy adjustment and high performance are the features that distinguish these subsoilers. Regardless of the soil and conditions, they will ensure fast and accurate digging of potatoes and other tubers. Choose a Krukowiak digger and enjoy efficiency and quality.


Planting crops has never been so easy. Krukowiak brand planters minimize effort and reduce work time, ensuring even planting. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, they are reliable and effective in all conditions.


Reliable sprayers are effective protection for your crops. Thanks to advanced technology and high-quality materials, they ensure perfect spraying of crop protection products. Safety and efficiency are our priorities when selling Krukowiak products.


Browse a wide range of sturdy cultivators that are indispensable in the soil cultivation process. Precision blades and ergonomic design guarantee efficient work. Digging, crumbling and loosening the soil create optimal conditions for plant growth. Choose Krukowiak and enjoy reliability during cultivation.

Cultivating-sowing sets

Discover a wide range of reliable tillage and seeding sets that are essential for soil cultivation. Precision blades and ergonomic design ensure efficient work. Digging, crumbling and loosening the soil create optimal conditions for plant growth. Choose tillage and seeding sets and enjoy reliability during cultivation.


Krukowiak rollers are essential tools before cultivating the soil. Robust design and modern solutions ensure effective loosening, crushing and compaction. They improve soil structure, permeability and create optimal conditions for plants. Choose Krukowiak rollers for effective and efficient soil preparation.