Suspended Sprayer of the NOTOS Series

  • Pest control in high crops

  • Double fan

  • Extremely strong airflow

  • Specially shaped holes Adjustable rotation of the attachment outlet

  • Adjusting the rotation of the attachment outlet

  • New concept of pest control

Basic equipment of the Notos sprayer

Krukowiak's Notos sprayer is a new concept in pest control for high crops. The basic version of this sprayer includes a tank with a capacity of 800, 1000 or 1200 liters, a double fan with a diameter of 500 mm, an attachment with a height of 2.7 to 3.2 m and a power requirement of 80 hp. The sprayer makes it possible to carry out treatments without driving into the corn crop and can be used with an ordinary farm tractor.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Fan diameter
    Performance of the attachment
    Height of the attachment
    Air discharge speed
    Spray range
    Adjusting the rotation of the attachment
    800, 1000, 1200
  • Tank
    Polyethylene tanks 3in1 tank for working liquid,clean water and hand washing
    Diluter in the filler sieve
  • Attachment
    Galvanized attachment made of steel
    Height, tilt and swivel adjustment via hydraulics
    Electro-hydraulic control
  • Accessories
    Electrically operated 2-section valve
    Rotary atomizers with ceramic insert
    PTO shaft
    Powder coated construction

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