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A leading brand offering innovative solutions for agriculture. High-quality agricultural machinery perfectly adapted to the needs of today's farmers.

Why should you choose Kverneland?

The Kverneland brand is synonymous with quality, precision and innovation in agricultural machinery. Their products provide excellent results, increasing productivity and efficiency in the field. When you choose Kverneland, you are choosing reliability and robustness that translate into success for your farm.

  • Ecology

    A brand that cares about the future of the planet by offering eco-friendly solutions for agriculture

  • Quality

    Kverneland products are carefully designed and manufactured, meeting the highest standards.

  • Versatility

    The range includes a wide variety of tools to meet different cultivation and farming requirements


Kverneland ploughs are reliable soil processing tools. Thanks to their robust construction and precise design, they provide efficient plowing, even soil mixing and excellent seedbed preparation. Discover the unique benefits of using Kverneland plows and achieve excellent tillage results.


Seeders are reliable tools for precise seed distribution in the field. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and innovative solutions, our seeders guarantee even distribution of seeds, which translates into high quality crops and efficient cultivation. Discover the unparalleled precision that Kverneland seeders offer.


Kverneland bale wrappers are reliable tools for efficiently packing straw or hay bales. Available in a variety of options, they offer many advantages such as easy operation, stability and protection from the elements. Using advanced technology, our wrappers provide excellent results when wrapping bales.


Discover the variety of aggregates needed for soil preparation. We ensure that the soil is evenly broken up and loosened, creating ideal conditions for sowing. These high-tech aggregates are extremely effective and durable. Choose Kverneland and achieve excellent results in field work.


Explore Kverneland's wide range of subsoilers. Robust design and precision workmanship enable effective soil loosening, while advanced technology ensures optimal soil preparation for seeding. Choose Kverneland and experience superior quality and performance.


Discover high-tech harrows, indispensable in the soil cultivation process. Harrowing ensures that the soil is evenly broken up and loosened, preparing it for sowing. Choose a Kverneland harrow and enjoy precision and reliability when tilling your fields.


Explore a wide selection of Kverneland sprayers, indispensable in crop protection. Precise spraying and advanced control systems ensure effective and efficient application of crop protection products. Choose Kverneland and enjoy reliability and professionalism in crop protection.

Fertiliser spreaders

A wide range of innovative spreaders to ensure precise spreading of fertilizers and seeds. Thanks to advanced technology, Kverneland spreaders guarantee even and efficient distribution of material in the field. They are reliable tools for optimal use of fertilizers and achieving excellent yields.


Kverneland manufactures high-performance mowers, ideal for precision grass cutting. Their various models and advanced technological solutions guarantee excellent results. Robust construction and ease of operation make Kverneland mowers reliable and durable, meeting the expectations of professional farmers.


Thanks to their robust construction and advanced technology, Kverneland tedders guarantee high quality forage and reduced drying times. Operation is easy and work efficiency is greatly increased.


Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, they ensure precise forming and rolling of feed. Robust workmanship, ease of operation and high quality guarantee reliability and optimum utilization of farmers' yields.


Kverneland cultivators provide effective soil digging and seedbed preparation. Innovative design and technological solutions effectively eliminate weeds and create optimal conditions for plant growth. Choosing the right cultivator model to suit the farmer's individual needs guarantees excellent crop quality.

Baler and wrappers

These reliable baler-wrappers are excellent machines that allow simultaneous harvesting and wrapping of hay into rolls. Innovative technological solutions used in Kverneland baler-wrappers ensure efficient and economical packing of hay, which translates into excellent quality feed for animals.