Self-propelled sprayer iXdrive S6

  • High-pressure recirculation system iXflow-E

  • Automatic beam height control

  • Excellent driving comfort

  • Easy to use with EasySet

  • Advanced electronics with ISOBUS

  • Cooperation with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

Kverneland iXdrive S6 innovative self-propelled sprayer

The iXdrive S6 self-propelled sprayer from Kverneland is an innovative sprayer that offers tank capacities of 4250, 5200 and 6150 liters. The sprayer is designed to provide the right spray rate at the right time and place. It is equipped with the iXclean Pro fully automatic valve management system and the iXflow-E high-pressure recirculation system. The EasySet control panel provides a clean and comfortable workspace, and iXspray technology allows easy management of the spraying process from the cab.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Nominal tank capacity (l)
    Maximum tank capacity (l)
    Clean water tank (l)
    Clearance (m)
    Wheel base (m)
    Spray beams (m)
    1.30 / 1.50 / 1.70
    1.80 – 2.25 / 2.25 – 2.95
    HSA 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 32-40 (triple folding).
    1.30 / 1.50 / 1.70
    1.80 – 2.25 / 2.25 – 2.95
    HSA 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 32-40 (triple folding).
    1.30 / 1.50
    1.80 – 2.25 / 2.25 – 2.95
    HSA 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 24-30 (double folding) / HSS 32-40 (triple folding).
  • Standard equipment
    Tank capacity of 4250 to 6150 liters with iXclean cleaning system that automatically controls valves and fluid flow
    HSS or HSA spray boom from 24 to 40 meters wide with iXflow stabilization system for optimal boom height and even crop coverage
    ISOBUS IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or PRO terminal with ErgoDrive control system, which makes it easy to operate the sprayer with a touch screen and joystick
    Stage V engine with 250 hp (HP model) or 300 hp (HP ECODRIVE model) with iXdrive Power Management for optimal performance and fuel economy
    Torsion axle with a turning angle of 32 degrees and a turning radius of 3.6 meters, which provides great flexibility and stability for the sprayer in various terrain conditions

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