Metal-Fach is a respected brand, whose agricultural tools are distinguished by reliability and excellent precision. Thanks to innovative solutions, farmers can be sure of high quality and durability of products. Trust Metal-Fach and increase the efficiency of your work in the field!

Why should you choose Metal-Fach?

When you choose Metal-Fach, you not only choose agricultural tools, but also reliability and dependability. This brand, with an established reputation, offers high quality, excellent precision and innovative solutions. Trust Metal-fach and achieve a higher level of efficiency in your agricultural work.

  • Reliability

    Extremely durable products guarantee maximum performance and reliability. With Metal-Fach, you can achieve more.

  • Innovation

    True pioneers of excellent solutions for agriculture. Try products created by true industry professionals today.

  • Professionalism

    Concern for the highest quality products as well as maximizing your yields. Comprehensive solutions for the best possible results.


Reliable wrappers that efficiently package bales of straw or hay. Available in various variants, they offer a wide range of advantages, such as easy operation, stability and effective protection from the weather. Using advanced technology, our wrappers guarantee excellent results.

Front loaders

Here are loaders that are perfect not only in the agricultural sector, but also in other industries. They ensure efficient loading and unloading of materials, minimizing the effort required. Metal-Fach loaders are versatile thanks to their robust construction and a variety of attachment options.


Metal-Fach brand trailers are solutions that are characterized by robust construction, reliability and pleasure of use. Available in various sizes and load capacities, Metal-Fach trailers are ideally suited for a variety of transportation applications. The use of high-quality materials guarantees the reliability and durability of the products.

Feeder wagons

Equipped with advanced technology and robust construction, these feed wagons provide optimal feeding conditions for animals. With their high performance and ease of operation, Metal-Fach feed wagons are indispensable for any professional farmer.

Manure spreaders

Reliable tools for even and efficient application of fertilizers and bulk materials. Thanks to their robust design and advanced spreading mechanisms, they ensure precise and balanced distribution of substances, contributing to healthy plant growth and high yields.


Metal-Fach brand aggregates are versatile tools for soil preparation before sowing. Thanks to various combinations of elements, they enable effective loosening, crumbling and mixing of soil, creating optimal conditions for plants. Robust construction and precise workmanship guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability.


Indispensable tools for digging and aerating soil. Sturdy construction and different length blades allow you to precisely adjust the depth of work. Improve soil structure and the uptake of water and nutrients by plants. Choose Metal-Fach for optimal plant growth.


Tools for precise soil preparation before sowing and planting crops. With a variety of types of tines and discs, they enable efficient crumbling, mixing and loosening of soil. Robust construction and durable materials ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.


Robust design and different types of rollers ensure effective loosening and compaction of soil. They improve soil structure and allow better absorption of water and nutrients. Choose Metal-Fach rollers for excellent soil preparation and higher yields.