Spreader N267 HORNET

  • Wide, shell cargo box

  • Four-drum vertical adapter

  • Ability to spread different types of manure

  • Efficient, durable and safe machine

  • Balancing of each drum to minimize vibration

Basic version of the Metal-Fach N267 HORNET manure spreader

The basic version of Metal-Fach's N267 HORNET tandem manure spreader includes a wide, shell-type cargo box that guarantees wide spreading. The machine is equipped with a four-drum vertical adapter, which makes it possible to spread different types of manure, peat or compost. It is an efficient, durable and safe machine. Each rotor drum has been balanced to reduce vibration, and replaceable, bolt-on rotor tines made of high-grade steel are used to increase durability. The floor is hydraulically driven, allowing infinite adjustment of the speed of the floor conveyor.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Payload [kg]
    Cargo box capacity [m3]
    Length / Width / Overall Height VERTI X4 [mm]
    Length / Width / Overall Height VERTI X2 [mm].
    Internal dimensions of the cargo box length/width/height [mm]
    Loading height [mm]
    Unladen weight [kg] [max]
    Power demand [KM]
    6 000
    6230 / 2365 / 2665
    3600 / 2000 / 800
    min. 80
    8 000
    6680 / 2420 / 2800
    6980 / 2420 / 2800
    4000 / 2000 / 1150
    min. 80
    10 000
    6680 / 2420 / 2800
    6980 / 2420 / 2800
    4000 / 2000 / 1300
    min. 90
  • Standard equipment
    End of the sides - rubber strip
    Cargo box slider
    Vertical adapter
    PTO shaft
    Wheels 400/60-15, 5 - N267/1
    Wheels 500/50-17 - N267, N267/2
    Air brakes 1-wire - N267/1, N267
    Air brakes 2-wire - N267/2
    2-section hydraulics
    Drawbar eye Ø50
    Fender set
    Support wedges
  • Optional equipment
    Solid extensions 0,5m
    Mesh extensions 0.5m
    Mechanical deflectors (flaps, guards) of the manure spreading direction (verti X4)
    Hydraulic brakes
    Automatic brake force regulator - alb valve
    Two-wire air brakes
    Drawbar eye Ø 40
    Drawbar eye swivel Ø50
    Ball drawbar eye K80
    Wide angle PTO
    Electronically precise floor control (knob for smooth speed control)
    Electronic floor control (wired remote control +/-)
    2-section manifold with adaptive hydraulics system

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