Spreader N277 CERBERUS

  • Reliability with the latest technology

  • Better maneuverability thanks to single-axle chassis

  • Less tire wear and low ground interference

  • Hitch shock absorbed by longitudinal spring

  • Hydraulic scissor support as an option

Basic version of the Metal-Fach N277 Cerberus manure spreader

Metal-Fach's N277 Cerberus single-axle manure spreader is a high-quality, robust machine. The basic version includes many functionalities that ensure efficiency and reliability at work. The Cerberus series spreaders use a single-axle chassis, which provides better maneuverability, less tire wear and low ground interference. The spreader is also equipped with a longitudinal spring suspension hitch, which reduces the dynamic loads on the drawbar eye during operation and provides better driving comfort. Also standard is the PREMIUM vertical 2-rotor spreading adapter, which works well with different types of manure.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Payload [kg]
    Cargo box capacity [m3]
    Length / Width / Overall Height [mm]
    Internal dimensions of the cargo box length / width (bottom-top) / height [mm]
    Loading height / extension 0.5 [mm]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Power demand [KM]
    16 000
    9490 / 2900 / 3450
    6175 / 1500-2000 / 3300
    2800 / 3300
    17 700
    9490 / 2900 / 3600
    6175 / 1500-2000 / 3450
    2950 / 3450
  • Standard equipment
    Cargo box slider
    2-rotor vertical adapter
    Drawbar eye ball K80 mm
    Pneumatic brake system 2-wire
    Wheels 650/75R32
    Wide angle PTO shaft
    Hydraulics 4-section
    Hydraulic scissor support foot
    Premium adapter (Grazioli gearbox, additional bent blades on the auger, blades screwed to the lower part)
    Hydraulically cushioned drawbar
    Hydraulically opened tailgates (deflectors)
    Support wedges
    Wide angle PTO shaft
    Anti-trip rear beam
    Electronic precision floor control (knob for smooth speed control) - standard

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