T659 OPTIMAL Bel-Mix single-rotor

  • Capacity 5-8 m3

  • Self-supporting design

  • Mixing and cutting auger

  • Self-supporting design

  • Inspection platform

Basic equipment of the Metal-Fach T659 Optimal feed truck

The Metal-Fach T659 Optimal feed truck is a compact feed truck with one vertical mixing auger and two discharge windows. It is available in capacities from 5 to 8m3. It features a self-supporting design that reduces the machine's weight and has no frame division. The T659 Optimal feed truck has an inspection platform, solid tub walls made of S355 quality steel, and the bottom is made of S355 quality steel with a thickness of 20mm. A mixing and cutting auger made of S355 steel is mounted to the bottom of the tub, with eight carbide-faced PREMIUM knives as standard.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Width [m]
    Total length [mm]
    Cart height [m]
    Thickness of floor made of S355 quality steel [mm]
    Wall thickness made of S355 quality steel [mm]
    2,28 – 2,43
    2,35 – 2,50
  • Standard equipment
    two unloading windows built in with discharge chutes
    weight system
    non-slip inspection platform with steps
    pocket opening indicator
    two mechanical counter-knives
    mechanical shoe
    PTO shaft
    planetary gearbox
    TMR dropout protection ring
    cutting knives on mixing auger PREMIUM 8 pcs. (blade reinforced with tungsten carbide)
    tires 10.0/75-15.3 18 PR
    hydraulic distributor
  • Optional equipment
    stop ring - screwed on
    hydraulic counter-knife
    metal trapping magnet
    knife on mixing auger
    adjustable dump 1 piece
    front feeder 3m
    double-sided platform
    electronic control
    wheels 400/60 15.3
    drawbar eye - screwed 40mm
    drawbar eye of the hitch - screwed 50mm
    Wide angle PTO
    road lighting

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