This reputable brand supplies high-quality agricultural equipment that improves efficiency in the field. It guarantees high quality and reliability, and advanced technologies make everyday farming tasks easier.

Why should you choose MX?

MX is a respected brand, renowned for its high quality and innovative solutions. Its products provide excellent performance, durability and flexibility in a variety of applications. When you choose MX, you choose products that meet the highest standards and meet your expectations.

  • Innovation

    MX is a brand that constantly introduces innovative solutions to agriculture and construction.

  • Reliability

    Robustness and reliability that gives you the confidence that you are dealing with high quality.

  • Effectiveness

    Here are the products that stand out for their high efficiency and enable you to achieve the best results.

Front loaders

MX brand front loaders are extremely reliable tools that significantly facilitate work in agriculture and industry. Equipped with advanced features, they enable fast, efficient loading, unloading and moving of various materials. Their robust construction and ease of operation make them invaluable support for experienced operators.