Slurry tanker T 520 20000 liters

  • Capacity 20000 liters

  • Powerful compressor

  • Various options for bottling equipment

  • Various options for filling systems

  • Carriage design on TRIDEM suspension

  • Hot-dip galvanized tank

T520 slurry tanker - 20000 liters

POMOT's T520 slurry tanker is a vehicle with a capacity of 20000 liters. This truck is equipped with a soil unit made with a trailing hose system with a working width of 3m, which can be folded mechanically or hydraulically. It also has a plant watering device and an upper transport hitch. It is an indispensable tool for urban and municipal cleaners. The truck is extremely functional and durable, ensuring reliability and long-lasting use.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Tire dimensions
    Type of compressor
    MEC 9000 or KD 10000
    MEC 9000 or KD 10000
    MEC 11000 lub KD 12000
    MEC 13500 lub KD 12000
  • Standard equipment
    Tank hot-dip galvanized on both sides
    Passivation of the tank to protect fresh zinc from the effects of slurry
    Rear manhole ø700mm - hinged manhole cover
    Pipe filling indicator with sight glass
    Drain stub with 1 ½ ̎ valve - at the lowest point of the tank
    Sight 4 ̎ on the rear bottom panel
    Upper manhole ø350mm
    4" safety valve
    8" spigot on top of tank blanked off - prepared for installation of rubber pouring hopper
    FRAME - tank mounted on a frame made of a closed section
    Replacement hitch - screw-on ø50m
    Mechanically adjustable support foot
    Tires according to the table
    Dual-line air braking system with 4-stage brake force control
    Parking handbrake
    Drive 540 rpm or 1000 rpm- upon request
    Reinforced heat-resistant hoses connecting fittings
    Overflow protection with double-ball valve with sight glass on top of tank and siphon with sight glass
    Two safety valves: positive pressure to 0.05 MPa and vacuum to -0.05 MPa
    De-oiler - wet air filter, silencer to quiet the compressor operation
    Main drain spigot in the rear manhole cover 6 ̎ -with hydraulic gate valve 6 ̎
    In the front left and right side -blinded, prepared for the installation of a manual gate valve
    At the back spigot-blinded, prepared for the installation of a manual gate valve
    12V electrical and lighting installation
    Transport brackets for the suction hose
    Hose with suction basket-protecting against sucking in large parts
    Length of suction hose-6mb
    Profile spill bucket POMOT 94 pattern, spill width up to 14m
    Certificate of approval for registration and operation on public roads
    Power transmission shaft
  • Optional equipment
    Wide-angle spreader (working width up to 14 m)
    Slurry thrower (working width from 6 to 15m)
    Transportable device for spraying roads and sprinkling water on crops 2.5m
    Transportable device for spraying roads and sprinkling water on crops with a width of 4.5m
    Spill bucket type PERROT (working width up to 12m)
    Double spill bucket (working width up to 16m)
    Soil aggregate made in trailing hose system with a working width of 3m by POMOT - mechanically foldable
    Soil aggregate made in trailing hose system with working width of 3m by POMOT - hydraulically foldable
    Plant watering device
    Upper transport hitch (only for frame construction)
    Drawbar sprung by longitudinal spring
    Ball-shaped hitch K80
    Rear torsion axle (only for type T 546)
    Hydraulic support foot
    Hydraulic brake
    Wheel chocks 2 pcs.
    Additional 6″ hand gate valve
    6″ manual gate valve quick coupler
    Suction hose extension 6″ with a length of 3m
    6″ suction hose extension 6m long
    Additional 6" suction hose with a length of 6m
    Injector 4 or 6″ - suction from a depth of 10m
    Hydraulic compressor drive
    Galvanized metal hose boxes 2 pcs.
    Galvanized metal boxes for transporting crop protection products 2 pcs.
    Scaling the tube indicator with stickers
    Fully opening rear den
    Upper manhole Ø500 with ladder
    W52 spigot with 2″ ball valve
    Pneumatic mixer
    Hydraulic mixer - screw
    Wide angle power transmission shaft
    Plastic toolbox
    Hand wash dispenser
    Additional painting of galvanized tank (one side)
    Additional painting of galvanized frame

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