Pronar is a brand that is invariably associated with excellence in agricultural machinery. It has been providing innovative solutions for years, meeting the expectations of the most demanding farmers.

Why should you choose Pronar?

Guarantee of excellent quality and reliability. Innovative solutions and solid workmanship of Pronar machines make them an ideal choice for farmers and professionals. With them, you will achieve high efficiency, working comfort and reliability for many years.

  • High performance

    High productivity, enabling agricultural work to be carried out efficiently.

  • Durability

    The robustness of the workmanship and the high durability of the products allow for long-term and reliable use.

  • Prestige

    When you choose the Pronar brand, you are betting on prestigious solutions that emphasize the professionalism of your agricultural business.

Feeder wagons

Renowned tools that provide a reliable solution for precise and efficient mixing and feeding. With advanced features and robust construction, these great machines provide optimal conditions for animals, contributing to their health, growth and well-being.

Manure spreaders

Reliable tools that make it possible to effectively distribute a variety of materials in the field. With advanced features and robust construction, they guarantee optimal conditions for fertilizers, manure and other substances. Pronar spreaders are indispensable for farmers seeking to maximize efficiency in production.

Fertiliser spreaders

An indispensable ally for experienced farmers who strive for excellent crop performance. Thanks to their reliability, precision and advanced features, farmers can rest assured that their fields will be well seeded and fertilized, resulting in higher quality yields and greater farmer satisfaction.


Pronar brand mowers are indispensable tools for maintaining lawns and green spaces. Advanced technologies and robust construction ensure efficient mowing and precise cutting. Pronar mowers are excellent in terms of performance, handling and durability, meeting the expectations of professionals at every stage of work.


Indispensable equipment for packing haylage. Equipped with advanced features and robust construction, they effectively protect bales from the weather. Precise control and easy operation make Pronar wrappers a reliable equipment for farmers, guaranteeing high quality and efficiency.


Innovative tools for evenly processing mulch in the field. They improve livestock conditions by ensuring aeration and distribution of mulch. Their robust construction and ease of use make them invaluable helpers for farmers seeking to maximize forage production efficiency.


The robust design and advanced technology of Pronar brand rakes, ensures efficient raking of forage. Precise stacking and easy operation are features that distinguish Pronar rakes. They are an indispensable tool for farmers who care about high quality feed for their herd.

Front loaders

Pronar brand front loaders are invaluable devices for efficient loading, unloading and moving a variety of materials. With advanced features and robust construction, they provide excellent performance, durability and safety. Ideal for professional operators, they provide efficiency in agricultural or industrial tasks.


A robust solution for transporting a variety of materials. Available in various sizes and load capacities, they provide convenience and safety. Robust design and precision workmanship guarantee durability and resistance to harsh conditions. When you choose Pronar, you choose quality and reliability in every transport.