PRONAR PDD1050 mower

  • Large working width

  • Comfortable control

  • Hydraulic relief

  • Minimum tractor power requirement - 200 hp

  • Mowing width - 9.7 - 10.5m

  • Slats of our own production

The basic version of the mower brand Pronar - PDD1050

The entry-level version of the Pronar PDD1050 is a two-sided disc mower model, which is an excellent offer for farmers with larger grassland areas. This mower is built on the basis of the latest materials and technologies, which provides it with very good functional features. The PDD1050 mower consists of two mowing beams with a working width of 3m, mounted on a single frame. A mowing width of 10.5m is obtained when mounted in a set with a front mower with a working width of min 3m. Transport of the mower is carried out after folding the mowing beams hydraulically to the vertical position. The cutting unit is protected from damage due to running into an obstacle by hydraulic protection, the cutting unit lifts up and tilts back.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Dimensions
    Total width in working position [mm]
    Total height in working position [mm]
    Width in transport position [mm]
    Height in transport position (side guards folded, clearance 220 mm) [mm]
    Ground clearance in transport position [mm]
  • Usage parameters
    Cutting width [mm]
    Swath width min / max. [mm]
    Capacity [ha/h]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Minimum tractor power requirement [kW/hp]
    PTO speed [rpm]
    Suspension system
    Number of disks [pcs]
    Number of cutting blades [pcs] - left / right
    Type of cutting blades
    Dimensions of cutting blades [mm]
    Disk speed [rpm]
    Terrain copying [°]
    Transport positions - vertically from the sides of the tractor
    Electrical system voltage [V]
    Required hydraulic outputs
    2 x (1300 /1600)
    III cat. ISO 730-1
    20 / 16
    120x49x4 Ø21
    +10; -7
    Hydraulically adjustable
    1 single-acting section + free drain or 1 double-acting section
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