Trailer RC3100

  • Biggest

  • Payload 18 tons

  • Wide range of options available

  • Three-axle suspension

  • Twin wheels

  • Automatic brake force regulator (ALB)

Tandem trailer PT510, PT512

The PRONAR RC3100 trailer is the largest machine of its kind in Pronar's portfolio. The trailer, with a payload capacity of 18 tons, will successfully find application in at least several industries, and thanks to the wide range of available options it will be easy to adapt it to specific tasks set by its customers. The design of the trailer is based on a three-axle suspension on parabolic springs. An undoubted advantage of the machine is the use of twin wheels, which, among other things, prevents them from sinking in very muddy ground. The safety of transport and comfort of work is enhanced by the standard automatic brake force regulator (ALB) .

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Technical data

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  • Technical data
    Allowable total weight [kg]
    Payload [kg]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Loading area of the horizontal part (+ extensions) [m2]
    Total cargo area (+ extensions) [m2]
    Length of the horizontal part of the platform [mm]
    Overall platform length [mm]
    Length of invasions [mm]
    Floor width without widenings (with widenings) [mm]
    Overall dimensions(length/width/height) [mm]
    Floor material
    Platform height from the ground [mm]
    Number of axes
    Axle load [kg]
    Hitch load [kg]
    Tire size
    Construction speed [km/h]
    Cargo handles (with invasions) [pcs]
    Minimum tractor power requirement [hp/kW]
    2540 (3000)
    45 mm wood planks
    parabolic springs
    double 215/75 R17.5
    40 lub 60
    104 / 76,4
  • Basic equipment - RC3100
    Cargo platform with wooden floor in the main horizontal section
    Cargo platform with steel floor with anti-slip surface in the rear sloping section
    Cargo securing lugs retracted into the steel flanks of the platform
    Mechanical lowering/lifting system of invasions with protection against accidental opening
    Support legs in the rear of the trailer
    Rectangular chassis frame with high strength
    Mechanical suspension (parabolic springs)
    Mechanical drawbar support foldable
    Drawbar hitch: ball hitch ø80
    Two-line air brake system with ALB
    Parking handbrake with crank handle
    Lighting installation 12V , with hermetic connections, with side and front LED marker lights
    Connection cable, spiral, lighting installation
    Side protection (guards)
    Two wheel chocks housed in galvanized pockets
    Toolbox 50L
    Triangle to distinguish slow-moving vehicles
    Paint system with high corrosion resistance with the use of two-component chemically cured paint materials that give high durability of paint coatings and UV resistance
    RAL 7021 paint color scheme
  • Optional equipment - RC3100
    Hydraulic system for lowering/raising the overruns
    Hydraulic overrun lowering/lifting system with floating valve
    Hydraulic front support leg
    Single-line hydraulic brake system
    Drawbar attachment: rigid Ø50
    Drawbar attachment: swivel Ø50
    Drawbar attachment: rigid Ø40
    Floor extensions + boards (pine/spruce)
    Widened invasions
    Oak flooring
    Hydraulic winch
    Water tank (30 l) with soap dispenser
    Oversize marking boards
    Yellow warning light - so called: "rooster"
    Odometer (axle-mounted)
    Rear wheel flaps
    Load limiters (4pcs)
    Insert for inclined part of the floor
    Spare wheel (1pc) 215/75R17.5
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