PRONAR ZKP690 double-rotor rake

  • Solid construction

  • Easy to use

  • Compact hitch

  • High maneuverability

  • Working width as required

  • Free-hanging rotors

ZKP 690 rake - efficiency and precision in one

The ZKP 690 rake is a device consisting of two carousel rakes with working diameters of 3.1m, placed on a common support frame. The rakes rotate counter-rotating, which allows the raked material to be stacked into one centrally located roller. Each of the two rakes that make up the ZKP 690 is equipped with a tandem-type chassis and coupled to the carrier arm via a cross articulation system, which stabilizes the machine in the transport position. The telescopic design of the rake arms ensures smooth adjustment of the working width from 6.4 to 7.2 meters. By adjusting the working width, we thereby adjust the width of the raked roll.ZKP 690 rake - efficiency and precision in one

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Technical data

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  • Technical data
    Overall length in working/transport position [mm]
    Width in working/transport position [mm]
    Height in working position [mm]
    Height in transport position [mm]
    Working width [mm]
    Distance between carousels [mm]
    Number of carousels [pcs.]
    Number of working arms of one carousel [pcs]
    Number of raking fingers on the working arm [pcs]
    Suspension system
    Drawbar running gear
    Driving system of the rake unit
    Type of rotary gears
    WPT overload protection
    Minimum tractor power requirement [kW/hp]
    PTO speed [rpm]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Recommended operating speed [km/h]
    Tire size : running gear / rake unit
    Electrical system voltage [V]
    Rake width adjustment
    Lifting carousels into transport position
    cat. I and II according to ISO 730-1
    two steerable swivel wheels
    five swivel wheels
    wet (in an oil bath)
    one-way and overload clutch 900Nm
    10.0/75-15.3; 16×6.5-8(6PR)
    hydraulic - synchronized
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