Subsoiler U 614

Prezentacja polowa głębosza U-602 firmy Rolmako
  • Adjustable depth

  • Best soil penetration

  • Excellent stability

  • Perfect dispersion of mechanical stresses

  • Double efficiency thanks to two rows of teeth

  • Michel Teeth

Subsoiler U 614

The U 614 subsoiler is an advanced tillage machine with versatile capabilities. Its working width ranges from 3 to 4 meters, allowing it to effectively process larger field areas. Equipped with 6-8 precision tines, it perfectly adapts to different soil types. It requires power in the range of 160 to 220 horsepower, allowing efficient operation with minimized fuel consumption. The U 614 subsoiler perfectly improves soil structure, facilitating the absorption of nutrients by plants. It is a reliable tool that improves crop productivity and increases yields, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding farmers.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Working width [m]
    Power demand [KM]
    Screw protection WEIGHT [kg]
    Hydraulic protection WEIGHT [kg]
  • Standard equipment
    MICHEL teeth
    V-type frame constructed from 200x100x10mm rectangular section
    Screw or hydraulic overload protection
    Four support wheels
  • Optional equipment
    Reinforced surfaced chisel
    Front reflective boards
    Rear beam with LED lighting
    Rear afterburning shaft

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