OS 7531 MAJA bale wrapper

  • Automated bale wrapper

  • Effective and versatile

  • Electronic control

  • Fast loading and wrapping

  • Autonomous hydraulic system

  • Adapted to difficult terrains

OS 7531 MAJA bale wrapper

The SIPMA OS 7531 MAJA bale wrapper is a fully automated tractor-integrated wrapper. The advanced control system allows programming and control of the process. The "front-to-back" system guarantees parallel operation, fast loading and bale wrapping. Universal film feeder for 0.5 and 0.75 m. Bale stacker protects and facilitates storage. Hydraulics and electronic controls increase efficiency. Stand-alone power pack keeps oil clean.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Diameter of wrapped bales [mm]
    Width of wrapped bales [mm]
    Maximum bale weight [kg]
    Film width [mm]
    Wrapper drive
    Bale retraction time [sec]
    Oil demand [l/min]
    Power demand [kW (hp)]
    Length in working position [mm]
    Width in working position [mm]
    Height in working position [mm]
    Length in transport position [mm]
    Width in transport position [mm]
    Height in transport position [mm]
    Weight [kg]
    1200 – 1500
    ≤ 1250
    500 / 750
    ˜ 100
    20 – 40
    ≥ 35 (48)
  • Standard equipment
    Bale placer
    Universal film feeders (500 / 750)
    Film roll holder
    Hydraulic film gripper-cutter
    Electronic control
    Electrical installation for moving on public roads
    Wide tires (400 x 60 - 15.5)
  • Optional equipment
    Bale marker
    Autonomous hydraulic power system
  • Download files

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