Verti-Mix Double feed wagon

Verti-Mix Double feed wagon
  • Mixer capacity from 12.0 to 30.5 m³

  • Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm extensions

  • Robust bevel gearbox

  • Energy savings due to shorter mixing time

  • IMS mixing auger with patented knife adjustment system

  • Various dump options to suit farm needs

Strautmann Verti-Mix Double - Feed wagon for large farms

by Strautmann Verti-Mix Double is a feed truck that is ideal for large farms. It has a mixing capacity of 12.0 to 30.5 m³ and a wear-resistant design. Thanks to its two IMS-type mixing augers, the feed wagon is fast and accurate, even with large quantities of feed. Power requirements range from 50 to 135 hp. The Verti-Mix also has an IMS mixing auger that can be adjusted to the farm's needs thanks to a patented knife adjustment system.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specifications (general / basic parameters)
    Length [m]
    Height [m]
    Width with single-sided discharge [m]
    Width with both sides dumping [m]
    Elevator width [m]
    Diameter of the conveyor drum
    Capacity [m³]
    Wheel spacing [mm]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Power demand [hp]
    Ejection height [m]
    2.28 – 2.87
    12 / 13.5 / 15
    52 – 120
    2.34 – 2.92
    14 / 16 / 18
    1.250 / 1.650 / 1.720
    54 – 133
    2.66 – 3.21
    19 / 21.5 / 24
    1.720 / 1.930
    82 – 166
    3.21 – 3.57
    25 / 28 / 31
    1.720 / 1.930
    101 – 133
  • Standard equipment
    2 IMS mixing augers
    Robust and maintenance-free bevel gearbox
    Drawbar with top or bottom hitch
    Large-size roller bearings
    Double seal and large lubrication chamber
    Standard thickness of auger sheet is 15 mm, 10 mm of wear material
    Short knife
    Front ring
    Drive the twin-screw carriage through a T-Koaxial gearbox
  • Optional equipment
    Additional extensions with a height of 180 mm or 360 mm
    Patented blade adjustment system
    Different variants of dumps
    Extended weighing system
    Long knife
    Bale knife
    Fruit knife
    System of magnets mounted on the auger
    Protective bell between auger and gearbox
    Tandem axle
    2-stage reduction gearbox
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