Bale trailer D-745-14

Bale trailer D-745-14
  • Designed to transport agricultural materials

  • Large platform loading area

  • Tires 500/50R17

  • Slide-out rear panel

  • Smooth floor

  • 9 pairs of holes on the rim

Agricultural trailer D-745-14 for straw transportation

Zaslaw's D-745-14 agricultural trailers are designed mainly for transporting agricultural materials such as straw, hay, haylage in bales and wherever loads requiring large, flat surfaces are carried. The design of the loading platform allows easy loading and unloading of the trailer with bales, and the large loading area of the platform allows maximum use of the trailer's carrying capacity. The D745-14 has 500/50R17 tires, which do a great job on grasslands. The vehicle has a retractable rear panel that allows the cargo space to be extended by 1,000 mm.

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Technical data

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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Technical payload
    Total permissible weight
    Number of axes
    Wheel size
    Length of the cargo box
    Width of the cargo box
    Total length
    Total height
    Total width
    Platform height
    Track width
    Maximum speed
    14 300 kg
    18 500 kg
    500/50 R17″
    9 920(+1000) mm
    2 480 mm
    11925 mm
    3 422 mm
    2 550 mm
    1 140 mm
    2 000 mm
    40 km/h
  • Standard equipment
    single-circuit brake system, drum brakes, hand brake, parking brake
    diaphragm actuators
    Ø500mm pipe shaft
    is supplied with a rotary coulter, and other chisels are available at an extra charge
    3 axles and mechanical suspension
    500/50 R17″ tires (new, not reconditioned), steel rims
    12 V electrical system
    thickness of sheet metal on the floor 3 mm
    2 folding walls
    painting of ladders in RAL color: 3004, 6002
    rear extension 1000 mm
    cargo grips along the entire length of the edging
  • Optional equipment
    spare wheel
    spare wheel winch
    rigid hitch
    rear swivel hitch
    automatic rear hitch
    V.Orlandi automatic rear hitch
    custom color varnishing
    water tank
    utilities for the second trailer

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