Disc cultivator U710 RAVEN

  • Work on a width of 4 to 7 meters

  • 560 mm diameter discs

  • Infinitely adjustable operation

  • Pre-sowing soil cultivation

  • Security

Basic version of the U710 RAVEN unit by Metal-Fach

The basic version of the U710 RAVEN aggregate by Metal-Fach allows working at a width of 4 to 7 meters. The main working elements of the unit are discs with a diameter of 560 mm, which provide full undercutting of the soil and mixing of crop residues and straw. Depth adjustment is carried out by means of hydraulics. Each of the toothed discs is protected by rubber shock absorbers, which allow the field to be copied and ensure safe operation and protect against overloading. A scraper with spring-loaded tines levels the surface and prepares it for shredding and compaction by the roller, and it is possible to adjust the work and angle of the scrapers. The U710 RAVEN unit can be equipped with a field spear.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Working width [m]
    Number of plates [pcs.]
    Diameter of main/outer discs [mm]
    Working speed [km/h]
    Power demand [KM]
    Transport position - suspended version width/height/length [mm]
    Transport position - semi-slung version width/height/length [mm]
    36 (34 + 2 outliers)
    Ø560 / Ø510
    2650 / 3100 / 2800
    2650 / 3070 / 6150
    48 (46 + 2)
    Ø560 / Ø510
    2650 / 3850 / 2800
    2650 / 3810 / 6150
    Ø560 / Ø510
    2650 / 4000 / 6150
    2650 / 4000 / 7000
  • Standard equipment
    2 rows of discs Ø560; outermost Ø510
    Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
    Rubber shock absorbers
    SKF maintenance-free hubs / replacement NKE
    STRENX type disc support
  • Optional equipment
    Plates: 6 mm thick with larger cutouts
    Pipe shaft ø600
    Packer shaft ø500 (only on model U710/1, U710)
    Shaft u-box ø500
    Double u-box shaft
    V-Ring cultivating shaft
    DD type heavy cultivation roller
    DD type heavy duty cultivating roller STRENGTHENED
    String cultivation roller
    Crushing and kneading shaft - (only on U710, U710/2)
    Overload/blocking valve (only on U710/1, U710)
    Edge screens (only on U710/1, U710)
    Disc edge screens (only on U710/1, U710)
    Seeder platform for mounted cultivating unit (only on U710/1, U710)

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