T014 bale trailer

  • Innovative dual-axis platform

  • Designed to transport bales

  • Increased number of bales loaded

  • Infinitely adjustable frame extension

  • Y-type drawbar increases maneuverability

Metal-Fach T014 - Basic version of the bale trailer

The T014 double-axle bale platform trailer is an innovative platform designed primarily for transporting bales of straw, hay, silage. In its basic version, the trailer is equipped with a new shape of retaining walls, which allows to increase the number of loaded bales in the upper row of the platform. The main structural element is made of a bent section, which reduces the number of sharp edges and is very important when transporting bales wrapped in film. The raised side edge prevents the transported materials from slipping, and the rounded edges with removable chain holders prevent the destruction of bales wrapped in film.

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Technical data

Model versions
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  • Specification (general / basic parameters)
    Type approval
    Approval speed [km/h]
    GVW [kg]
    Payload [kg]
    Approval payload [kg]
    Brake type
    Weight [kg]
    Length / Width / Height of cargo area [mm]
    Height of cargo space from the ground [mm]
    Capacity [number of bales]
    10 000
    Dual-circuit pneumatic
    2500 – 2800
    6500-7500 / 2280 / 1830
    Dual-circuit pneumatic
    2500 – 2800
    6500-7500 / 2280 / 1830
    10 600
    Dual-circuit pneumatic with ALB
    2500 – 2800
    6500-7500 / 2280 / 1830
  • Standard equipment
    two movable retaining walls
    chains supporting the board on both sides
    Y-type drawbar 2100 mm
    Ø40 mm striker eye
    hand crank parking brake
    dual-circuit air brake
    400/60-15.5 tyres
    rear underride protection
    2 wheel chocks in galvanized pockets
    frame to extend the cargo space
    12V lighting system with the possibility of connecting a second trailer
    connecting spiral cable
  • Optional equipment
    single-line air brakes (without PL approval)
    hydraulic brake (without PL approval)
    hydraulic-pneumatic brake (without PL approval)
    automatic brake force regulator - ALB valve
    500/50-17 tyres
    500/50-R17 tires, 4 pcs
    anti-bike kit
    plastic toolbox with dimensions of 685x500mm
    water tank with soap container
    plastic fenders (4 pcs.)
    splash guard components (4 pcs.)
    surcharge for EU approval
    painting the box in a different color than the standard one

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