Two-axle trailer T739

  • Robust design for agriculture

  • High single load of 14 tons

  • GVW 18 000 kg

  • Payload capacity 14 000 kg

  • Capacity 7.8 m3

Basic equipment of the T739 double-axle agricultural trailer by Metal-Fach

Metal-Fach's T739 double-axle agricultural trailer is characterized by significant capabilities due to its high single load of up to 14 tons. The basic equipment of the trailer includes a sideboard height of 600 mm, a central wall locking system, a wall tie-down rope, a sunroof with a gutter, a ladder, a drawbar type V 2000 + hitch eye Φ40mm, a hydraulic and electrical installation for a second trailer, a two-wire pneumatic brake with an outlet for a second trailer, 385/65 R22.5 tires (reconditioned), wheel chocks (2 pieces) and plastic fenders (4 pieces).

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    Technical data

    Model versions
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    • Specification (general / basic parameters)
      GVW [kg]
      Payload [kg]
      Approval payload [kg]
      Weight [kg]
      Overall Length / Overall Width / Overall Height [mm]
      L/W/H cargo area [mm]
      Tipping / Tipping angle (rearward/side)
      Height of cargo space from the ground [mm]
      Capacity [m3]
      18 000
      14 000
      7350-7850 / 2550 / 1100-4000
      5385/ 2410/ 600
      tripartite 40 o/40 o
    • Standard equipment
      Side height 600mm
      Central wall locking system
      Wall tie wire
      Gutter shaft
      Drawbar type V 2000 + drawbar eye Φ40mm
      Hydraulic and electrical system for the second trailer
      Two-wire air brake with output to second trailer
      Tires 385/65 R22.5 (remanufactured)
      Wheel chocks 2pcs
      Plastic fenders 4pcs
      Marker lighting
    • Optional equipment
      Bottom side 800 mm
      Front side compression spring assembly
      Solid headboard with gasket 600 mm (for 800 mm bottom board)
      Solid body with gasket 800 mm (to bottom side 600 mm)
      Tarpaulin with folding frame
      Work platform with balustrade
      Drawbar type v extended (2200 mm)
      Drawbar type y (2100 mm)
      Drawbar type y extended (2350 mm)
      Drawbar type V (2000 mm) fi 40 reinforced
      Hitching eyelet Φ50mm for Y-type drawbar
      Automatic rear hitch
      Membrane-spring parking brake
      Automatic brake force regulator, alb valve - required for EU approval
      Wheels 385/65 R22.5 (new) - required for EU approval

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