Trailer T780

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  • Wide cargo box

T780 three-axle trailer by Pronar - versatility and durability

The specialized PRONAR T780 three-axle trailer with a high payload capacity and cargo box capacity (26m3) guarantees economical transportation and reduced production costs. It is excellent for transporting both agricultural crops and green fodder, as well as Euro pallets. The tires and axles are suitable for transport on highways on longer routes at 40 km/h (optional 60 km/h). The possibility of ordering the trailer with additional chute windows in the side boards increases its versatility. Standard springs to facilitate the opening of the sides, allow efficient operation of the trailer by one person.

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Technical data

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  • Technical data
    Allowable total weight [kg]
    Payload [kg]
    Curb weight [kg]
    Cargo capacity [m3]
    Cargo area [m2]
    Length of cargo box inside [mm]
    Interior cargo box width [mm]
    Overall dimensions (length/width/height) [mm]
    Box wall height [mm]
    Floor/wall plate thickness [mm]
    Platform height from the ground [mm]
    Wheel spacing [mm]
    Tire size
    Construction speed [km/h]
    Tipping system
    Telescopic cylinder (stroke/oil demand/pressure)
    Minimum tractor horsepower requirement [hp/kW]
    Tipping angle of the cargo box (rearward/side) [°]
    parabolic springs
    385/65 R22,5 RE
    2 cylindry 2990mm/64L/200bar
  • Standard equipment
    Cargo box with swinging universal wall opening system
    Three-way box tipping system with rear suspension ball joints with optimum spacing
    Tipping direction selection by two pins with protection against mishandling
    Central locking at the floor of the side walls and rear wall
    Walls: made of high quality, strong, laser-welded PF800mm profiles, made of profiled sheets; with stable back posts; with forged hinges
    Overhangs: made of high-quality, strong, laser-welded PF600mm profiles, made of profiled sheets; with stable rear posts; with forged locks
    Side walls divided by a center post bolted to the floor with tie-down cables
    Grain chute shaft, with locking device, in the rear wall
    Ladder and side steps for easy access to the cargo box
    Springs to assist in opening the bort
    Chassis frame welded from high-strength structural steel rectangular closed sections
    V-type drawbar with rigid hitch with eye Ø 40mm
    Steering system: ball turntable with swivel frame
    Running axles with drum brakes Ø400x120mm
    Two-wire air brake system with automatic brake force regulator (ALB) (no rear output)
    Parking handbrake with crank handle
    Installation of lighting 12V (bulb), with rear electrical socket, with airtight connections, with marker lights
    Connection cable, spiral, lighting installation
    Hydraulic tipping system with automatic shut-off valve, limiting tipping, with thick safety cables (without rear exit)
    Two telescopic cylinders of three-way tipping with articulated sling
    Cargo box service support
    Two wheel chocks housed in galvanized pockets
    Plastic fenders - behind the rear wheel and front wheel, in front of the rear wheel
    Paint system with high corrosion resistance with the use of two-component chemically cured paint materials that give high durability of paint coatings and UV resistance
    Chassis paint color scheme red RAL3000 PRONAR
    Wall painting colors green RAL6010 PRONAR
  • Optional equipment
    Y-type drawbar with rigid hitch with 40mm eye
    Rear hydraulic and brake outputs for second trailer
    Air brake system "Premium" two-wire with automatic (ALB) brake force regulator (with output to the rear)
    Balcony on the front wall for tarpaulin operation
    Rolled tarpaulin with frame
    Chute chute for grain in the side walls on the left or right side (1pc)
    Side protection (guards)
    A set of chute sheets on the sides and rear of the trailer
    Gutter for the chute shaft
    Rear automatic hitch Rockinger
    Rear automatic hitch UNIMAR
    Triangle to distinguish slow-moving vehicles
    Spare wheel elevator under the trailer frame, with crank on the equipment, only for wheels : 385/65R22.5 and 425/65R22.5;
    Rear chute on the full width of the trailer
    Deposited chute left or right over the entire length of the trailer bed
    Folding chute left + right over the entire length of the trailer bed
    Set of wall hangers to support walls in partially open position for transporting bales
    Potato drop shock absorber in the form of suspended rubber belts - 2 sets of 2.3m long each mounted to the extensions ( need to equip the trailer with extensions )
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