Agricultural diagonal tires

Opona flotacyjna BKT flotation 648

Flotation tires

The flotation tire has a larger volume and ground contact area, allowing for better ground contact while minimizing soil denting. The tire's rounded shoulders provide adequate curvature, reducing potential crop damage.

opona rolnicza diagonalna implement AW 708


The implement tire has the ability to withstand heavy loads while minimizing soil compaction. In addition, it is designed for both off-road and on-road use.

Opona flotacyjna BKT RT855

Drive tires

Long and high tread blocks provide the tire with considerable grip power. A gentle bulge in the center of the tire ensures a smooth ride during transport and even tread wear. The tire's wide front increases stability on uneven terrain and reduces the impact on soil compaction.

Opona rolnicza diagonalna prowadząca TF8181


An agricultural guide tire with a bias-ply construction. Three ribs on the front of the tire ensure accurate directional maintenance.

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