Business? It spins around like a rotor. No farmer - especially during a harvest full of intensive work and important decisions - can afford a low-quality crop, downtime, or working with a partner you can't rely on. And here we come, all in... (of course) red, with an offer of state-of-the-art combines Case IH with 0% factory financing for 2 years!*

Haven't we convinced you yet? How about:

  • Full 3-year manufacturer's warranty**,
  • MaxService 24/7 support,
  • telematic services**,
  • Remote customer support through Connect Room** technology

Brzmi dobrze, prawda? Nie zwlekaj, poznaj wszystkie możliwości naszych kombajnów i skontaktuj się jeszcze dziś z AGRO-RAMI autoryzowanym dilerem marki Case IH!


When it comes to the quality, as you probably already know, we don't recognize compromise. We've incorporated Axial-Flow® into our combines not without a good reason, single-rotor threshing technology, which is much more gentle than conventional threshing drum systems, so that the grains are wiped rather than knocked out of the ears. Minimizing the amount of cracked and damaged grains, resulting in less loss and more profit from grain sales? Go ahead!


Like top quality and low cost, advanced technology and ease of use... Seed and Axial-Flow® are the perfect combination. The gentle rotor threshing not only ensures the highest seed quality, minimal contamination and best germination power, but also unmatched productivity. Meanwhile, easy cleaning of the combine, makes changing from one harvested variety to another quick and easy, while the large seed hopper and highly efficient discharge system allow efficient transfer of harvested material.


However, an excellent rotor is not everything. A key factor in ensuring the high performance of a combine is proper feeding of the material. That's why Case IH's range of products includes cutterbars designed to maintain high throughput and minimal losses in all conditions, for all crops harvested with the combine worldwide and for any type of field. The choice of a Case IH-branded header is primarily associated with the highest level of compatibility with the machine, as well as high threshing speeds that ensure efficient cutting of the crop and its smooth and even feeding into the machine. But there are many more advantages, the most important of which are reliability and maximum working time, less grain loss, and ease of operation and maintenance.


The busiest time of the year? Harvest, harvest and again harvest. Don't waste precious time handling and preparing your harvester and money on costly maintenance. Choose one of the Case IH models and make the most of the favorable weather with simple machine operation and far fewer parts exposed to wear and tear.

Find out how simple it is to perform systematic and routine maintenance of Case IH Axial-Flow® combine components according to the owner's manual by watching the video at the link.


To już 46 lat ciężkiej pracy, osiągnięć w dziedzinie badań oraz przywództwa w technologii rotorowej. Jako marka Case IH stale inwestujemy w rozwój możliwości naszych kombajnów, niezmiennie o krok wyprzedzając konkurencję. Jesteśmy dumni z tego, że opracowując i wdrażając technologię rotorową pokazaliśmy, jak prosta może być zaawansowana technologia omłotu i jak wysoką wydajność oraz jak znakomitą jakość ziarna można osiągnąć przy zastosowaniu tak niewielu ruchomych części.


Working from dawn to dusk? We know very well that harvest is the most demanding time of the year, and the long working days then stretch into infinity. That's why we've designed a large, spacious and comfortable cabin in our harvesters to provide real comfort for long hours. Excellent soundproofing and an air-activated, cushioned operator's seat with an integrated control panel in the armrest are just the beginning of what you'll find inside the machine. And to top it all off, we've added simple and intuitive operation, with a large and clear AFS Pro 700 touchscreen monitor that allows you to control all of the combine's functions, including AFS precision farming systems and cameras, from one place.


The feeling of having a team of professionals on hand to offer their expertise at any time? Priceless. In case of any unforeseen incident with your machine during the first three years of operation, the Case IH brand has created a MAX SERVICE procedure that allows you to apply all the company's available resources to support your dealer in getting your combine back up and running as quickly as possible. If you need service, training, advice or spare parts, our authorized partners will also be there for you. We are experts in the field of rotary harvesters, and we are constantly improving our knowledge through ongoing training to provide you with the support you need. What's more, with SAFEGUARD CONNECT™ telematics service, or proactive support, we'll keep you out of downtime because our service will take action before anything untoward happens - even before the operator sees it!


Is the best over? Nothing could be further from the truth. The latest features on our combines also include AFS Harvest Command™ automated harvesting technology, which takes the burden off the operator to adjust the combine to changing conditions during hours of operation. The system constantly analyzes and monitors all relevant, current harvest data via various sensors and compares this data with the strategy set by the operator and target settings. What does this mean in practice? The ability for less-experienced operators to harvest using the most advanced capabilities of the harvester, increased productivity in difficult conditions, minimized risk of blockages, reduced losses and, most importantly, elimination of stress.


The latest Case IH technologies? Make your harvest simple and efficient. Our combines are known for their innovative AFS precision farming systems that ensure, among other things, that all critical harvest information is collected and analyzed, thereby maximizing yields and minimizing the use of agricultural inputs. AFS Connect™ features provide all-new capabilities for intuitive fleet, farm and data management, as well as a host of additional conveniences. With AccuGuide, meanwhile, you'll be able to reduce fuel, seed, crop protection product and fertilizer costs, but most importantly, you'll be able to reduce double trips. What's more, you'll save time that you can successfully use for other operations.


Dry facts are still not enough for you? Check out the capabilities of our combines in the video you will find under the link and make the best decision together with Case IH!

Are you determined, or maybe you still have doubts? Write, call, ask - our representatives remain at your disposal.

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    * CNH Industrial Capital factory financing for agricultural entrepreneurs in the form of a loan. The promotion is valid until June 30, 2023, and the number of machines covered is limited. The above terms and conditions do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, being only a preliminary calculation, they do not constitute a commitment to provide financing - dependent, among other things, on a positive assessment of creditworthiness. Detailed information available from authorized Case IH distributors. It applies to new machines on order.

    **Applies to harvesters in the Axial-Flow® 250 series.