Agricultural tires

Agricultural tires are specially designed for use on agricultural vehicles such as tractors, combines and other farm machinery. They will provide optimal traction in any field as well as on access roads. They have a special tread that allows them to move effectively on different types of ground. Thanks to their design and materials, they are resistant to work in harsh conditions.

opona rolnicza diagonalna tr135


The construction of a bias-ply (cross-ply) tire is based on at least two layers of cord (rubberized carcass threads) arranged obliquely to each other at an angle of 20 to 40 degrees to the plane of symmetry of the tire. These threads wrap around both the front and side of the tire and are usually made of strong and rigid materials, such as artificial silk (rayon), nylon or steel cables.

Rolnicze radialne flotacyjne


A radial tire is characterized by wires connected by a cord (usually in the form of fine steel cables) radially. This means that successive carcass threads do not cross, but extend parallel to each other, forming a right angle with the tire's plane of symmetry. Between the carcass and tread are additional layers of banding designed to strengthen and stiffen the front.

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